Glamour Masthead

Editor in Chief Samantha Barry
Executive Editor Natasha Pearlman
Creative Director Nathalie Kirsheh
Executive Director & Head of Talent Alison Ward Frank
Digital Director Perrie Samotin
Visuals Director Kathryne Hall
Design Director Sarah Olin

Culture Director Mattie Kahn
Senior Editor, Health & Wellness  Macaela MacKenzie
Senior Editor, Entertainment Anna Moeslein
West Coast Editor Jessica Radloff
Entertainment Director Caitlin Brody
Entertainment Editor Chris Rosa
Staff Writer Jenny Singer
Associate Beauty Editor Bella Cacciatore
Associate Editor Ruhama Wolle
Editorial Assistant Michella Oré
Digital Producer Lexi Backer

Senior Visuals Editor Lauren Brown
Designer Bella Geraci
Junior Designer Clara Hendler
Assistant Visuals Editor Cassie Basford

Commerce Editor Shanna Shipin
Commerce Writer Talia Abbas

Senior Director, Audience Development & Analytics Rachel Quigley
Digital Analytics Manager Melissa Haney
Senior Social Media Manager Cortni Spearman
Social Media Manager Tayler Bradford
Director, Content Operations Jason Roe
Group Research Director John Banta
Group Copy Director Robin Aigner
Copy Director Talley Sue Hohlfeld
Research Director Sylvia Espinoza
Copy Manager Damian Fallon
Visuals Director, Photo Research Robyn Lange
Senior Visual Editor, Research Timothy Herzog
Associate Visuals Editor, Photo Research Landon Phillips

Senior Director, Business Eilish Morley

VP, Communications Jill Weiskopf
Senior Communications Manager Ashlee Bobb
Communications Associate Olive Leatherwood

Front End Developer, Special Projects Alexander Ratner

Artistic Director Anna Wintour

Chief Business Officer Susan D. Plagemann

Head of Marketing Kimberly Fasting Berg
Head of Sales, Beauty Lucy Kriz
Head of Creative - Style, CNE Branded Entertainment Berry English
Vice President, Finance Sylvia W. Chan
Vice President, Brand Marketing Heather Gumbley
Vice President, Sales, Beauty Abigail DeCurtis
Executive Director, Post Sale Nicole DeLaRosa
Executive Director, Special Events Cara Crowley
Senior Director, Brand Marketing Kimberly Fusaro
Director, Client Services Alexandra Duhl
Design Director, Advertising Morgan Wrapp

Published by Condé Nast

Chief Executive Officer Roger Lynch
Global Chief Revenue Officer & President, U.S. Revenue Pamela Drucker Mann
U.S. Artistic Director and Global Content Advisor Anna Wintour
Chief Financial Officer Mike Goss
Chief Marketing Officer Deirdre Findlay
Chief People Officer Stan Duncan
Chief Communications Officer Danielle Carrig
Chief of Staff Samantha Morgan
Chief Product & Technology Officer Sanjay Bhakta
Chief Data Officer Karthic Bala
Chief Client Officer Jamie Jouning
Chief Content Operations Officer Christiane Mack

In the United States

Chief Communications Officer Joseph Libonati
Chief Business Officer, U.S. Advertising Revenue and Global Video Sales Craig Kostelic
Executive Vice President–Revenue Monica Ray\

Condé Nast Entertainment

President Agnes Chu
Executive Vice President–General Manager of Operations Kathryn Friedrich
Senior Vice President, Production Cecile Murias
Executive Producer Marina Cukeric
Supervising Producer Marla Goller
Line Producer Jen Santos-Holt
Senior Producer Jenna Allchin
Senior Production Manager Marianne Shanley

Chairman of the Board Jonathan Newhouse